Las tendencias y novedades tecnológicas son aspectos importantes a tener en cuenta a la hora de iniciar un nuevo proyecto ecommerce o mejorar y actualizar nuestra tienda online. Conocemos algunos aspectos sobre el futuro del ecommerce de la mano de una experta.  Realizamos una entrevista sobre el futuro de WooCommerce, Automattic y ecommerce a Kat Christofer, WooCommerce Tech Writer/Editor | Automattic, Inc.


That are doing Automattic as developments for the coming months within WooCommerce and/or the eCommerce community?


WooCommerce has recently opened the Marketplace, welcoming new products and new developers to sell on


Our Affiliate program pays 20% commission to anyone who refers new business to WordPress, Jetpack and WooCommerce.


Automattic has curated a number of WordCamps and Events for the remainder of 2018, where we are excited to engage, listen and network with individuals, startups, agencies and companies from all over the world.

What special features are going to be added to WooCommerce?


Improvement of the mobile app for iOS and Android.


New features to WooCommerce are driven by Ideas from our audience/customers and in-house data.


We are transparent and public about our plans at: Develop WooCommerce

What is the future of eCommerce?


– Diversity of markets and people: Looking beyond North America and Europe to countries ripe for eCommerce growth in Latin/South America, Africa and Asia.


– Inclusion: Being mindful of gender identity, ethnicities and nationalities, but also culture, language, design, speech/reading challenges, color blindness.


– Delivery: Using new technologies to speed delivery time and expand coverage areas.


– Mobile/buy anywhere: Making it possible for customers and businesses to make decisions and purchase via omni-channel shopping.


– Virtual/augmented reality: Trying on clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. without going to a physical store.

List the major benefits of WooCommerce for a business who wants to start in eCcommerce?


I would say the three Cs are our strongest USPs:

Customization – the ability to use WooCommerce as is, install and turn on a plugin/extension/payment gateway to add features and functionality without touching code, or use REST API for custom development.


Control – the ability to own your store and have full control, thanks to open source. Beka Rice of SkyVerge speaks more on this subject at: Myths, strengths and weaknesses about Open eCommerce 


Community – WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is a passionate, worldwide community. No matter where you, there’s someone to help you or talk through an idea or contribute to the platform and make it better 24/7/365.

How was your participation to the WordCamp Madrid Day?


WordCamp Madrid had a great venue at La Nave, excellent organization, wonderful food, insightful talks and networking opportunities. I love the community in Spain and any chance to meet and help our customers with their stores, answer questions, introduce them to our Affiliate program, talk about Jetpack and dig deep into WooCommerce. We welcome any and all feedback, and we are grateful for the opportunity to spread the word of open source and make new friends. The weather was beautiful, as well!

How do you keep up-to-date with the latest Ecommerce trends and new technologies?


Written into our mission statement is a a pledge to continuous learning, so we have 700+ people who bring a wealth of experience, skills and curiosity to Automattic.


We source information from everywhere:

– Interviews with customers, agencies and small businesses

– Tech news, such as TechCrunch and Wired

– Economic News, such as Economist and Business Insider

– Conferences, events and meetups

– Twitter convos

– Forums

– Experimentation and futuristic ideas pooled in house

What are the current common risks for Ecommerce and how do you mitigate them?


Fragmentation. There’s a fine line between personalization, appealing to an individual and customizing an experience to make one feel special vs. inclusion, appealing/catering to wide audience and ensuring that all people feel they have an equal voice and belong to a community.

I think the key is listening and having empathy, being open and honest and human. Too often when interaction and transactions are done online, we can forget there is a heart and soul behind them.


About Kat:

Kat is a California native and former journalist working for Automattic, writing and editing documentation for WooCommerce core releases and 150+ products. Her journey began in 2007 at, then moved to self-hosted and building eCommerce stores for private clients. A digital nomad for two years, she travels full time and is in love with the sea but surfs badly.

Find her on Twitter at: @katchristofer

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